Buffalo Troopers of New York City

More than motorcycles.

We are more than bike riders. We believe that we are role models and share a responsibility and positive value system with our community. Wherever you see us feel free to come up and speak. Ask us about our motorcycles but more importantly ask about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and our commitment to further their legacy. 

The  National Association of Buffalo Soldiers/Troopers Motorcycle Club  (NABSTMC ) or the NYC Chapter DO NOT lay claim to any territory.  Instead, the organization is committed to serving the community, raising funds for charitable purposes and promoting safe motorcycle riding habits.  Additionally, one of the key objectives of our organization is to educate the community, schools, civic groups, churches and others about the rich history and legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th cavalry.  The contributions of the Buffalo  Soldiers were instrumental in the growth of our country though not prominently included in school curricula.
Nationally, and locally, the NABSTMC is comprised of a large contingent of active and retired military personnel and various other professions including active and retired law enforcement.